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Tên: Moderium
Ngày update: 16-01-2020
Thể loại: Hành động, Nhập vai
Lượt xem: 180
Kích thước: 1 GB
Số Part: 1

Giới thiệu game Moderium

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Moderium is a Wave-Based Isometric Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) where players are given vast customization over their combat capabilities through the unique Modification system. Players will enter various realms and fight back waves of enemies of varying power to gain experience and equipment to further their abilities. The difficulty encountered is at the hands of the player through manually setting the initial level of enemies to fight which allows for more casual or edge-of-seat gameplay. With 10 Classes, 4 Skill Trees, 52 Skills and 59 Sets available at launch the path of which you choose to defeat your enemies is up to you.

Moderium focuses around the concept of customization while retaining accessibility without removing depth of gameplay.

Feature Summary
- Customizable skills to play as you choose.
- Randomly generated equipment with the opportunity to target crafting specific pieces.
- New Secondary Stats to offer meaningful equipment management and build diversity.
- Class variety with gameplay impact.
- Roguelike and Incremental elements to allow rewards for time commitment while furthering character development beyond max level.


Features Detailed
Each skill is composed of the Base Skill, 5 Modifiers and 2 Stages. This allows for a diverse approach to combat. Leveling grants a skill point, which can be used to unlock and modify the effect of a skill. As 5 points are allocated into a skill the Second Stage is unlocked, adding a passive benefit to the skill, after 10 points the skill's Third Stage is unlocked. One player may use Fireball to light enemies on fire, dealing damage over time; while another may use Fireball to regenerate mana on impact. Of course a third individual may choose to go all out with a Fireball that pierces enemies, regenerating mana, lighting enemies on fire and creating more Fireballs (called Fractures) on impact.

In addition to the customization found within each skill several skills within the same way will interact with one another if the player so chooses. An example of this being the Fire Skill Tree's Embers skill which by defaults increases the Fire Damage afflicted enemies take for a duration while the "Firestorm" modifier allows each hit to have a chance to cast a Fireball Fracture (free of cost) at each target hit.

Moderium incorporates a Rarity-based loot system with a twist. The vast majority of items will grant "Damage" which is used to improve the offensive capability of your character, and depending upon the rarity can offer additional benefits such as:

Epics - Grant Damage, 1 Primary Stat (Strength, Intelligence or Agility) and 3 Secondary Stats (Critical Hit Chance, Haste, Overflow).
Relics (Commonly known as "Legendaries") - Grant Damage, 1 Primary Stat, 2 Secondary Stats and free points to at least 2 Modifiers (Can add up to 5 points to all 5 Modifiers) for a specified skill.

Pair this with new Secondary Stats to add more variety to builds and a crafting system that allows you to designate exactly what Primary and Secondary Stats your item will have, as well as the level of the item and the depth of character customization becomes realized. But wait - There's more!

Moderium has redesigned the approach to equipment sets that augment your character, focusing on adding an extra element of gameplay and customization as opposed to stacking 3-6 pieces for a simple numerical buff which doesn't feel impacting to gameplay. Sets in Moderium are broken apart into individual bonuses, requiring a specific number of each set piece to unlock and which pieces are active is completely up to the player, with a default of 3 sets being active at a time.

A Pyromancer may choose to activate the Flaring Repitition (Conflagrate's Damage Over Time now stacks), Flamecaller's Gift (Fireball redirects back at the player when completing it's path) and Igntion (Passively applies "Ignite" at full strength every few seconds to a nearby enemy.) The power of your character is further boosted by sets that the player chooses to mix together - And these sets are not an alternative to the default equipment so they will not interfere with Epics or Relics that are equipped.

Moderium aims to be accessible by all and to remain as free of frustration as possible. To this end it is impossible to be 1-shot, insta-gibbed, deleted or otherwise obliterated by a single enemy hit. As the player's level rises from level 1 all the way to 100 the damage of ALL enemies will scale and reach a cap. At Player Level 100 a level 5 enemy and a level 50,000 enemy will hit just as hard - The difference is their health. As the level of enemies raises their health begins to scale more dramatically, requiring more precise skill point allocation; luckily the player can scale too - Enter Enhancement. Upon reaching level 100 the player may "Enhance" which destroys all equipped and inventory items, returning the player to level 1 and res

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OS: Windows 8

Processor: Intel i5-3570

Memory:  4 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

Storage: 5 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible


OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz

Memory:  16 GB RAM

Graphics: GeForce GTX 960

Storage: 5 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible


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