Startup Valley Adventure Episode 1

Witch Murder by Admin 01-08-2020

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Tên: Startup Valley Adventure Episode 1
Ngày update: 01-08-2020
Thể loại: Phiêu lưu
Lượt xem: 2975
Kích thước: 4.6 GB
Số Part: 1

Giới thiệu game Startup Valley Adventure Episode 1

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You are broke, have an alcoholic friend Larry, an angry ex, an absent investor, SVC and 8 days not to die. And this only the first episode, and further - the fun (worse). Believe us, We know firsthand. It's not a drama. it’s a black Comedy, where you have to take on the role of K C Morris - a loser who has to run his project called Roundelay.

It all started with a visual novel and ended up with the fact that we dropped SVA in a VAT with other games. And then we understood that we didn't have enough money to make a beautiful production and we dropped the game in the VAT once again. As the result: SVA became visual casual-hardcore adventure novel from the first person with elements of survival and catching kakemono for RPG-elements with a slight touch of scrolling shooter and a simulator feeding the pigeons.
Strictly 18+.

Amazing dialogues

Realistic plot with a bit of insanity (not a bit actually)

Mini game Conviction

Touching upon relevant topics that may offend all those who like to be offended
Parodies and references to everything that's possible
Variability in the spirit of the best games about walkings
You can choose the gender, orientation, start-up, the ex, investors, etc.
A bunch of extra game mechanics and mini-games

Mini game Presentation

Own mini-social network (why?)
Survival mode where you have to control your hunger and stress levels
Strange visual style
Main character customization, which you will never see, but it can affect the gameplay

Mini game clothing

Withdrawal of money for taxi trips
Homeless man Bum, member of the Board of Directors of McCDS, the robot-Sofic, naked Amy and more

Ảnh game



OS: Win 7 or higher

Processor: i3 3gen (or similar AMD)

Memory:  6 GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 650 2 GB

Storage: 10 GB available space

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4) Play game


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