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Lakeview Valley


Chi tiết game

  • Tên: Lakeview Valley
  • Ngày update: 04-02-2021
  • Thể loại: Game
  • Dung lượng: 174 MBGB
  • Số Part: 1


Chi tiết game

Tên: Lakeview Valley

Ngày update: 25-10-2019

Thể loại: Kinh dị, Phiêu lưu

Lượt xem: 1029

Kích thước: 174 MB

Số Part: 1

Giới thiệu game Lakeview Valley

Tải game Lakeview Valley miễn phí link Google Drive | Free download Lakeview Valley full crack PC

Murder rpg set in the shady town of Lakeview Valley. See how you’ll do as a new home owner in the Valley, where everyone seems to have a secret. Become the toast of the town or succumb to your dark desires. The choice is yours. But however you choose to play, beware… There is something evil lurking beneath the surface…


A murder mystery waiting to be solved. A dead girl is lying in the street with a confusing history. It’s up to you to solve (or ignore) the main story.
Something is lurking in the dark! Nights can be dangerous in the Valley. Defend yourself against horrifying enemies.
Multiple endings. Your moral choices will change how the story progresses.
Re-playable. The game takes over one week which can be wildly different according to the way you play. Try different play styles!
Plenty of items, tools and upgrades to help you progress, or to cause mayhem.
Over twenty NPCs with schedules for day and night, each with unique backstory. Rise in popularity to dive deeper into their lives.
Crime scene system. Sheriff will investigate every night for any mischief. If you’re responsible, make sure not to leave any evidence!
Customisable character. Be who you want!
Home renovation. Upgrade your surroundings to impress your neighbours. Or to gain a strategic edge…
Spiritual successor to the Lakeview Cabin series.

Here’s how the game is described by it’s players:

Lakeview Valley is Animal Crossing, but the whole town hates you and Satan lives there… In this example you are Satan.”

Ảnh game

Lakeview Valley 1
Lakeview Valley 2
Lakeview Valley 3
Lakeview Valley 4



Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit version)

Processor: 1.2GHz processor

Memory:  512 MB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 8-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory

Storage: 1 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible

DirectX: Version 11

HƯỚNG DẪN CÀI ĐẶT Lakeview Valley

1) Download game và giải nén 

2) Chạy file “SiMPLEX.exe” để cài đặt game

3) Play game


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Link tải game Lakeview Valley

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